How to Make Flossing Simpler!

Flossing often gets skipped after brushing one’s teeth because it is viewed as a nuisance and an unnecessary extra step. In fact, flossing is just as essential to your oral health as brushing. Flossing helps to eliminate the accumulation of harmful bacteria and plaque, which is a result of food particles that get trapped between the teeth and under the gum line. These are places that the toothbrush can’t always reach! Below are 3 secrets from Dr. Kevin Race and Dr. Danielle Cianciolo at Race Orthodontics to make flossing simpler.

  • Be Generous! – Flossing isn’t as simple as one would think, which is probably why so many people view it as a nuisance and choose to skip it. Fortunately, floss is an inexpensive product, so you don’t need to be conservative with it. Having a generous supply of floss makes it easier for you to use a clean section for each tooth, which is far more hygienic than the alternative.

  • Be Gentle! – You don’t want to jam the floss in between each tooth with too much force or vigor. Vigorous flossing won’t produce positive results and will actually be uncomfortable and/or painful. Flossing slowly and steadily is the way to go!

  • Get a Grip! – Make sure the floss is securely held or even wrapped around your fingers. Having a firm grip allows you to have the most control over where the floss goes and how much pressure you apply!

With these tips, hopefully flossing is easier and you will incorporate it into your daily tooth cleaning routine. Your mouth and teeth will thank you! As always, we are here to help you achieve your best and healthiest smile. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions you may have.