The Importance of Compliance During Orthodontic Treatment

The Importance of Compliance During Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment requires dedication and patience, and one of the most important factors in a successful outcome is patient compliance. Whether you’re wearing Invisalign aligners, braces, retainers, or other appliances, how often and for how long you wear them can directly impact the length and success of your treatment. Learn about the vital aspect of compliance during orthodontic treatment from Dr. Kevin Race and Dr. Danielle Cianciolo at Race Orthodontics.


Essential Times for Compliance

Some of the most important times for patient compliance are when it helps to progress your treatment. For example, adjusting your expander, switching aligners, or changing out elastics all require diligent effort on your part to achieve the desired results. Removable appliances usually need to be worn 24 hours a day except when eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Invisalign aligners and rubber bands also need to be worn as much as possible to be effective.


Maintaining Good Oral Health

In addition to wearing appliances, it’s essential to maintain good oral health throughout orthodontic treatment. Proper brushing habits, adjusted for braces, expanders, or other appliances, can help prevent tooth decay and give your orthodontist the best possible space to work with during tooth movement. Keeping appliances clean also helps extend their lifespan and prevent them from breaking or falling out.


Post-Treatment Compliance

After your braces come off or your last set of Invisalign is finished, the most crucial part of the orthodontic journey begins: post-treatment compliance. Retainers, whether permanent or removable, are essential to maintaining the results of your treatment. The teeth are most susceptible to reverting directly after treatment, so patient compliance during this stage is crucial to ensuring that the treatment sticks. Your long-term success ultimately rests on how diligent you are with your retainers.